How flower essence theory can boost your mood?


Everyone loves flowers. Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature and home decor items. They are called decorative ornaments of the earth. Looking at flowers makes you refresh and enthusiastic. The same is the case with floral essences. The floral essences are believed to cure certain mental issues. Consuming a floral essence can boost your mood and makes you feel happy and contended.

  • The beginning of flower essence therapy

Floral essences have been a favourite for men and women equally for a long time. But, flower essence therapy was introduced in the 1930s by Edward Bach, who was a British physician. He gave the theory that floral essences have the power to boost our moods, and they can also play an important role in balancing our emotions. He gave the view that through the essence of some specific flower, we can cure a certain mental disorder. He proposes flower essence therapy for seven certain mental issues. These issues included fear, uncertainty, loneliness, insufficient interest in present circumstances, oversensitivity to influences or ideas, over concern for others’ welfare, despondent or despair.  He presented twelve flowers as healers for these mental issues. He introduced 38 essences throughout his life that were the best cure for mental disorders. Many psychiatrists presented some other flowers and essence, but Edward Bach’s work remained the most reputed among all of them. 

  • Does floral essence really work?

Just like home decor items many evidences are there to prove that floral essence really does help in mental issues. Science still has little experimentation on floral essence therapy. This therapy is winning favour all around the world. People like this herbal meditation. Physicians have conducted research on which floral essence works best for which disease. You may find a guideline by your health care agent which essence will suit your personality. 

The research was held in 1997 to inquire whether floral essence works in intended ways or not. It proved fruitful and claimed that 89% of patients were brought to betterment by applying floral essence theory. 2001 took this therapy to the next level. People trust this type of medication, and they also like it. Its advantage is that it has a very low probability of drawbacks.

The research claims that patients with severe disease may feel better through floral essence therapy. Cancer patients are tested for this claim. They felt better and contended. This therapy helps to reduce their physical pain and depression.

  • How Floral Essence Therapy influences?

The basis for the floral essence therapy is the principle of resonance. According to Edward Bach, flowers have their energy fields like a human. If applied properly in a specific balance, the floral energy can meditate the human energy field. This assumption laid the foundation for floral essence therapy. 

Edward Bach proposed 38 floral essences that could be used in floral essence therapy. He mentioned a floral essence for every mental disorder. He has also suggested some floral essences combinations, which are called Rescue Remedy. These remedied help to relieve stress from everyday mental pressure. For example, Aspen is used to relieving anxiety, fears and nightmares. Cherry plum is used to treat uncontrolled temperament. Elm is used to releasing mental pressure caused by being over-burdened of responsibilities. Crab Apple can recover you from your inferiority complex.

All the essences do not work in the same way. Some may have slower than others in their influence. The same is the case with the diversity and intensity of mental disorders. Mild issues may take less time to resolve, while severe issues may take some extra time. The psychiatrist may recommend some complementary tasks to make better the floral essence therapy. Treatment may comprise more than one floral essence to be treated. A therapy can apply floral essences in a sequence to get maximum influence. 

  • Dosage of the floral essence

You may consume the floral essence in the form of drops according to the prescription of your physician. Your physician may ask you to visit him once a week or alternatively. Each floral essence may vary in its effect from person to person. You may discuss it with your physician if you are not feeling any change in your condition after use. A physician may suggest less or raise the dosage of the essence accordingly. You may consume the floral essence directly or apply it to your skin.

  • Side-effects of the floral essence therapy

The floral essence therapy may have side-effect like other medications, but they are severe. It may cause skin rash, or in some cases, a headache may occur, but most of the time, floral essences have satisfactory effects or cause no change at all. like other home decor items you can use flowers to decorate your interior and exterior.


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