If you are looking for useful ideas for study table decoration for students, well, you have come to the right place. Study table decoration isn’t just about style; it’s about creating a space that allows you to focus and enjoy your work. By adding colors, organizing things, and making them look nice, you’re making it visually appealing for yourself and creating an environment that encourages concentration and productivity.

Here are some smart hacks on how to decorate study tables to keep up your enthusiasm and self-discipline while studying. In order to turn your dull study table into a liveable space that inspires you to work effectively, some DIY activities will be very useful.

Study Table Decoration For Students

1. Add Flowers With Vibrant Colors

Flowers are a fantastic way to decorate spaces. Their vibrant colors and pleasant flower essence can enhance your mood and create a positive atmosphere. They give out a natural beauty and add a refreshing touch to any space. It is also easy and fun to decorate a study table with flowers.

The corner of your study desk could be decorated with a vase of fresh flowers, such as roses or sunflowers. If fresh flowers are not readily available, use artificial ones made from paper or plastic instead.

  • Fresh Flower Vase
    • Choose a small, elegant vase and fill it with fresh flowers like roses or sunflowers.
    • Change the water daily to keep it looking vibrant and smelling fresh.
    • Place the vase on one corner of your study table to add a touch of nature and positivity.
  • Artificial Flower Arrangement
    • Use high-quality artificial flowers made from materials like paper or plastic.
    • Arrange them in a way that complements your study environment without obstructing the workspace.
    • Opt for flowers that mimic your favorite blooms to create a personalized, lasting decoration.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Flowers

2. Bring In The Greeneries

Plants can not only enhance the appearance of your room, but they also clean the air and make it fresh. You can get plants that require little maintenance and care if you’re a student or someone who doesn’t have much time. For example, ferns, jades, and philodendrons are some. Put plants on both sides of the table so there’s good airflow. It’s great to hit the books or the laptop while getting a breath of fresh air!

  • Low-Maintenance Plants
    • Select plants such as ferns, jade, or philodendron that require minimal care.
    • Position them on both sides of your study table to improve air quality and create a balanced environment.
    • Ensure they receive adequate sunlight and water to thrive without distracting you from your studies.
  • Air-Purifying Plants
    • Choose plants known for their air-purifying properties, such as spider plants or peace lilies.
    • These plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a healthier study atmosphere.
    • Place them strategically to optimize airflow and reduce indoor pollutants.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Greeneries

3. Make It Clean and Uncluttered

Before you begin revamping your study table, keep it clutter-free. Remove everything from your study table that is unnecessary or useless, such as filled notebooks, pens that don’t work, textbooks you are no longer using, and storybooks you no longer need. The mere sight of a clutter-free study table motivates you to sit down there and start studying.

  • Organizational Essentials
    • Start with decluttering your study table by removing unnecessary items like old textbooks and broken stationery.
    • Use drawer organizers or desk trays to categorize and store essential study materials.
    • Maintain a minimalist approach to ensure your study table remains clean and conducive to productivity.
  • Daily Cleaning Routine
    • Develop a daily cleaning habit to keep your study table clutter-free.
    • Allocate a few minutes each day to tidy up and organize study materials.
    • Incorporate a trash bin nearby for quick disposal of unnecessary papers or scraps.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Clean & Uncluttered Table

4. Try Eye-catching Colors

You don’t have to worry about the right or wrong color scheme for your study table. Colors can be quite helpful in a variety of ways. They can influence your mood and energy levels. Start by choosing your favorite colors or those that make you happy and focused. Use colorful stationery like bright pens, notebooks, or even lamps.

  • Color-Coordinated Stationery
    • Select vibrant pens, notebooks, and folders in your favorite colors to personalize your study space.
    • Coordinate stationery colors to create a visually appealing and organized desk setup.
    • Use color-coded tabs or markers to categorize study materials for easy reference.
  • Accent Colors
    • Introduce accent colors through accessories like a colorful desk lamp or decorative storage boxes.
    • Choose hues that complement your study environment and stimulate concentration.
    • Incorporate textiles such as cushions or throws in similar tones to enhance comfort and style.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Eye-catching Colors

5. Proper Lighting

Studying is highly dependent on lighting. Make sure your study table has ample natural light. There is nothing like plenty of natural light falling on your study table. If you’re reading or writing notes, you’ll appreciate having a study lamp in your room. It provides ambient lighting and helps your eyes feel better. Pick out a lamp in your favorite color or design.

  • Study Lamp
    • Invest in a study lamp with adjustable brightness settings to reduce eye strain.
    • Position the lamp strategically to illuminate your workspace without casting shadows.
    • Opt for a lamp with a flexible neck or swivel base for customizable lighting angles.
  • Ambient Lighting
    • Enhance your study atmosphere with ambient lighting options such as string lights or LED strips.
    • Install under-shelf lighting to illuminate shelves or floating shelves around your study area.
    • Experiment with dimmable lights to create a relaxing ambiance during late-night study sessions.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Lighting

6. Add a Personal Touch

Try placing a few books that can be attractive to your study table Besides their educational value, books can also add an elegant and appealing look to your study area by adding a personal touch to their covers.

  • Customized Book Covers
    • Create personalized book covers using craft paper or printable designs that reflect your interests or favorite quotes.
    • Use adhesive contact paper to protect and decorate textbooks and notebooks with unique designs.
    • Incorporate themed covers for different subjects to stay organized and add a personal touch to your study materials.
  • Memorabilia and Mementos
      • Arrange small memorabilia like concert tickets, souvenirs, or photographs in a shadow box or on a bulletin board.
      • Incorporate items that inspire you or bring back fond memories to create a motivating study space.
      • Avoid overcrowding by selecting a few meaningful pieces that resonate with your personal goals and aspirations.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Personal Touch

7. Place Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are like colorful friends for your study table! They can be used to make your desk look fun and organized. Stick them to remember important things like homework due dates or cool quotes that inspire you. Sticky notes aren’t just for reminders – they’re also a cool way to add your personality. So get some sticky notes, decorate your study area, and get creative with your study time!

  • Color-Coded Organization
    • Use different colored sticky notes to categorize tasks, reminders, and study goals.
    • Assign specific colors for different subjects or priorities to maintain clarity and organization.
    • Arrange sticky notes on a designated board or along the edge of your study table for easy access and visibility.
  • Creative Display
    • Arrange sticky notes in geometric patterns or grids to create an artistic display on your study table.
    • Incorporate motivational quotes or affirmations to inspire and uplift your study sessions.
    • Experiment with different shapes and sizes of sticky notes to add variety and visual interest to your workspace.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Sticky Notes

8. Use Wall Posters

It’s possible to decorate your study table without painting the walls by adding some framed artwork or posters! You can get creative by using different frames or using pieces of art from old calendars or magazines. Wall decorations, like paintings or posters, can bring life and colour to your study area. They are a budget-friendly way to add a personal touch and have fun arranging them.

  • Educational Posters
    • Hang educational posters or charts that illustrate complex concepts or formulas relevant to your studies.
    • Use posters featuring timelines, maps, or diagrams to enhance understanding and retention of academic material.
    • Rotate posters periodically to maintain engagement and prevent visual clutter on your study walls.
  • Motivational Quotes
      • Display motivational posters or framed prints featuring inspiring quotes or affirmations.
      • Place these posters strategically where you can see them while studying to stay motivated and focused.
      • Opt for typography art or graphic designs that resonate with your academic goals and aspirations.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Wall Posters

9. Use Floating Shelves

You can use floating shelves to store and display things. They are not just for looks – they are also very useful. You can use them to store and display everything from books to pens to study materials. A variety of materials are available, including metal, wood, etc, and can create a lot of storage space without taking up a lot of space.

  • Functional Display
    • Install floating shelves above or beside your study table to store books, stationery, and study materials.
    • Choose shelves with adjustable heights or modular designs to accommodate different items and maximize space.
    • Organize shelves by subject or priority to keep study materials easily accessible and neatly arranged.
  • Decorative Elements
    • Display decorative items such as plants, figurines, or framed photographs on floating shelves to personalize your study area.
    • Incorporate themed decor that complements your study table aesthetic and enhances the overall ambiance.
    • Mix practical storage with decorative elements to create a balanced and visually appealing display.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Floating Shelves

10. Place White Boards

A whiteboard is a clean board on which you can write and draw with special markers as part of study room decoration. A chalkboard is similar, but you use chalk instead. When taking breaks, you can use these boards to jot down notes, practice math problems, or even draw doodles. These boards make studying fun and interactive.

  • Study Aid
    • Mount a large whiteboard above your study table to jot down ideas, brainstorm, or solve problems visually.
    • Use colorful markers to differentiate subjects or categories, making information retrieval quick and efficient.
    • Incorporate a calendar or task list section to stay organized and on track with assignments and deadlines.
  • Interactive Learning
    • Utilize the whiteboard for collaborative study sessions or explaining concepts to peers.
    • Encourage interactive learning by inviting friends to contribute ideas or solve problems together.
    • Enhance engagement by using the whiteboard for games, quizzes, or creative exercises related to your studies.
Study Table Decoration For Students – White Boards

11. Beautify With Wall Art

If you aren’t convinced by the idea of a display board or even a whiteboard, you can go for a beautiful study table by incorporating wall art designs like textured walls or wallpaper. Instead of using a display board, hang your artwork, doodles, wall plates, or inspirational quotes on your wall.

  • DIY Art Projects
    • Create your own artwork using canvas, paints, or digital design tools to personalize your study area.
    • Display abstract paintings, motivational posters, or framed photographs that resonate with your academic journey.
    • Incorporate themed artwork related to your favorite subjects or hobbies to foster creativity and inspiration.
  • Gallery Wall
      • Create a gallery wall above your study table by arranging framed artwork, photographs, or posters in a cohesive layout.
      • Mix and match different frame styles and sizes to add visual interest and personalize your study space.
      • Incorporate artwork related to your academic interests or hobbies to inspire creativity and motivation.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Wall Art

12. Use Acrylic Sheets

A great way to upgrade your simple study table is to cover it with a glass or acrylic sheet and then slide your favorite photographs, achievements, or artwork beneath it so that they can be seen easily! These images can even be changed from time to time for a fresh look!

  • Customized Workspace
    • Cover your study table with a transparent acrylic sheet to create a sleek and modern look.
    • Arrange personal photographs, inspirational quotes, or decorative paper underneath the acrylic for a personalized touch.
    • Swap out the inserts periodically to refresh your study environment and maintain motivation.
  • Functional Workspace
    • Utilize an acrylic sheet as a practical writing surface for notes, calculations, or brainstorming ideas.
    • Customize the size of the acrylic sheet to fit your study table perfectly and maximize workspace efficiency.
    • Enhance durability by opting for scratch-resistant acrylic sheets that are easy to clean and maintain.
Study Table Decoration For Students – Acrylic Sheets

Other Homemade DIY Study Table Decorations:

  • Origami Paper Decorations
    • Create origami cranes, flowers, or geometric shapes using colorful origami paper.
    • Arrange them in a small bowl or display them on your study table for a touch of creativity and color.
  • Personalized Cork Board
    • Cover a small corkboard with fabric or decorative paper that matches your room’s color scheme.
    • Pin up inspirational quotes, notes, and photos using colorful push pins or clips.
  • DIY Pen Holder
    • Make a pen holder using recycled materials like tin cans, mason jars, or cardboard tubes.
    • Decorate them with paint, washi tape, or stickers to match your study table theme.
  • Bookends
    • Create custom bookends using heavy objects like painted bricks, decorative rocks, or wooden blocks.
    • Paint or decoupage them with patterns or motifs that reflect your personal style.
  • Custom Desk Mat
    • Design your own desk mat using a large piece of fabric or placemat.
    • Paint or stencil patterns onto the fabric or use fabric markers to add designs that inspire you.
  • DIY Wall Calendar
    • Make a personalized wall calendar using a large corkboard or poster board.
    • Divide it into sections for each month and decorate with colorful markers, stickers, and your own illustrations.
  • Fabric Banner
    • Create a fabric banner to hang above your study table using scraps of fabric or felt.
    • Cut out triangles or rectangles, then sew or glue them onto a string or ribbon to spell out a motivating phrase or your name.
  • Mason Jar Organizer
    • Repurpose mason jars as desk organizers for storing pens, pencils, and other stationery.
    • Paint or decorate the jars with ribbons, labels, or adhesive gems for a personalized touch.
  • Hanging Mobile
    • Craft a hanging mobile using lightweight materials like paper or foam board.
    • Cut out shapes such as stars, hearts, or geometric patterns and string them together with a fishing line or thread.
  • Washi Tape Decor
    • Use washi tape to add decorative accents to your study table and accessories.
    • Wrap it around pens, notebooks, or storage boxes to create coordinated patterns or color-coded organization.


1. Which way should your study table face?

According to Vastu Shastra, north and east are considered ideal directions for placing a study table in bedrooms and reading rooms. Therefore, you should place a study table so that when you sit to read, you face either north or east.

2. What are some ways to make your study desk more aesthetic?

When decorating your study table, choose colors and items that you enjoy. This could include vibrant pens and notebooks, as well as cute decorations. To add some freshness, consider placing a small plant on your desk. Keep things tidy by using trays or containers to organize your items. Good lighting with a scented candle, quotes, artwork, motivational images, etc. is some ideas.

3. What is the best way to arrange a study table in your bedroom?

Setting up a study table in your bedroom is a breeze! Simply select a cozy spot with adequate lighting and position your table there. Remember to place it near an outlet if you plan on using electronic devices. Keep your commonly used items, such as pens and books, within easy reach. Choose a desk that fits well in your room and meets your needs – whether it’s a basic writing desk or a compact study table.

4. Is it possible to create a motivational or inspirational display using sticky notes?

Choose a motivational quote you always find inspiring. Write it artistically on the first note and finish it on the last note. This looks great!

5. What are some creative ways to use sticky notes for reminders and to-do lists?

Use different colors for reminders and to-do lists to make them easier to identify and more eye-catching. Write your to-do lists on sticky notes and pin them up on your study table.

6. What are some budget-friendly options for decorating a study table with sticky notes?

If you want to decorate your study, you can use simple origami paper as sticky notes