Is it only the taste of the food that attracts people to a restaurant? No, the restaurant design interior is a crucial factor in creating an ambiance that complements the food. To be precise, can we judge the Taj in Mumbai based on the food alone? Well, the hotel itself has become famous for its architecture and luxury interiors.

Therefore, a well-thought-out restaurant design interior can significantly enhance the overall dining experience for the customers. So, how to make an attractive restaurant design interior?! Well, there are some important elements that you need to know for doing so. Explore the article and get to know all of them!

The 7 Wonder Elements of Restaurant Design Interior!

1. A Warm Welcome to the Guests

A good first impression is the one that stays in the minds of people forever!  So, it is quite important to make the first impression the best with a warm welcome! How do you do it? Well, here is how:

Inviting Entryway: Make sure to design the entryway with the essence of your restaurant’s theme with unique signage, art, or architectural features that draw guests in.

Comfortable Lounge Area: When customers have to wait in a restaurant, it is important to provide them with plush seating where guests can relax.

Themed Decor Elements: To keep the eyes of the guests engaged, place some unique decor elements like cultural artifacts, and custom artworks, statues representing peace, and so on.

2. Place Some Greeneries

One way of enhancing the mood of the customers is by placing some greeneries inside the restaurant. It also marks a perfect restaurant design interior that never disappoints the guests. Try these ideas to integrate greens into your restaurant.

Hanging Terrariums: Terrariums are nothing but a glass enclosure for placing a plant in it. Suspend glass terrariums with small plants or succulents above dining areas for a modern look.

Plant Shelves: You can add floating shelves in the right places on the walls and display a collection of plants like succulents to purify the air.

Living Green Walls: Make a wall filled with plants to showcase a stunning visual to the people. You can use vertical gardens in case you have enough space.

3. Make a Unique Accent Wall

How about creating an accent wall to make the guests stare at it? Yes, this is another way of impressing your customers coming into your restaurant. You can create many different types of accent walls depending on your taste.

Mural Walls: No other designs can be as attractive as the mural style. You can make an accent mural wall by painting it or by just using wallpaper.

Textured Surfaces: Textured surfaces are also a good choice for creating a better accent wall in the restaurant. Use materials like stone, brick, or textured wallpaper to add depth and interest.

Bold Graphics: Use large-scale graphics or typography portraying the restaurant’s identity and motive. You can also use vintage photographs or artifacts relevant to the restaurant’s location or history.

4. Add Attractive Lighting

Adding proper lighting is quite essential in restaurant design interior to catch the eyes of the guests. They not only add up the ambiance but also enhance the mood of the customers who step in. Try out these lighting ideas for a better restaurant design interior.

Hanging Pendants: I’m sure usage of the light pendants is a classic choice that offers a stylish look and versatility. These lights can be used to spotlight key areas or provide general illumination.

Chandeliers: Try using the chandelier lighting to make the guests feel that the restaurant is just elegant and wow. Moreover, these lights make the restaurant look more luxurious.

Colorful LED: If you would like to make your restaurant design interior look modern, then I would suggest you use these LED lights. You can use the LED strips and decorate the accent walls as well to make it look wow!

5. Ensure Unique & Comfortable Seating

Once the guests enter the dining space, they first look at the seating. Make sure to place the best seating for them after testing the comfort of the seating. Try these seating styles that can add elegance to your restaurant design interior.

Sofa Lounges: Introduce plush sofas in your restaurant to create a relaxed, lounge-like atmosphere where guests can unwind and have a satisfied meal!

Mixed Seating Styles: Combine different types of seating like chairs, stools, and benches to add variety and cater to the different preferences of the customers.

Swing Seats: Use the swing seats or hammock chairs for a playful touch that will surely attract attention and provide a unique dining experience. Kids would especially love coming to your restaurant if you have such good seating.

6. Pave Way for a Communal Experience

Letting guests interact with each other creates a lively atmosphere and makes your restaurant the first choice when people decide to go out for dinner. That’s the strategy behind the restaurant design interior with communal dining. Well, how to do it? Follow the below-mentioned ideas.

Long, Rustic Tables: Use long wooden tables to evoke a sense of family-style dining and encourage interaction among guests.

Interactive Food Stations: Design areas where guests can gather and engage with the food preparation, like a pizza-making station or a sushi conveyor belt.

Chef’s Tables: Offer communal chef’s tables as a premium experience where guests can enjoy a curated menu and interact directly with the chef.

7. Maintain a Minimalistic Vibe

A good restaurant design interior will have minimalistic decor elements, yet makes the restaurant look great. So, do not clutter up the items as it could result in damage when you have too many customers in your restaurant. Here are some minimalist restaurant design interior ideas.

Minimalistic Accent Wall: When you try to create an accent wall in your restaurant, make sure you don’t add up too many decor items. For example, if you are creating an accent wall with murals, make sure the mural design is simple yet elegant.

Normalized Color Palette: While choosing the color combination for your restaurant, remember to select the one that is present and evokes peace in the guests. For example, try colors like light gray, pale yellow, beige, white, etc.

Minimal Greeneries: Bring in only a small amount of plants inside the restaurant to get a better restaurant design interior. When you overdo this, the restaurant looks cluttered with the greens.

And that’s how you make the best restaurant design interior to bring in customers with a warm welcome and make them leave with a smile. Other than the interior design, ensure to provide personalized greetings, friendly staff, complimentary welcome drinks, comfortable waiting areas, etc. to enhance the walk-in to your restaurant.