Hotel interior designing world is always buzzing with new ideas and trends, making up for the glam and gram. If you are an interior design geek who loves to follow these trends, you know the hashtags keep on changing.

These changing designs are seen at hotels, somewhere you go once in a while, and a style catches the eye. Hotels today have evolved and are not just a place to sleep or rest but a style guide to follow. Style geeks sneaking into luxurious hotels to take notes is a thing!

Here is a blog to treat all your styling taste buds with a dose of luxurious interior designs that serve hotels worldwide. These tips and techniques make your home look ×100 more attractive and make those visitors drop their jaws. Confused about how to make that possible? No worries, we can give you an aesthetic hotel tour virtually. Fetch that notes diary already!

Green Spaces

We are aware of the trending plants in the bedroom and living room trend but dedicating a total area for greenery is upbeat to your interior. Weaving greenery in your interior by creating living walls and rooftops is an innovative trend brought by interior designers.

The green walls and spaces create a lively look, reduce pollution, and purify the air. Green spaces look lush as a boundary or living pool sidewalls. Adding brown sitting spaces or hanging baskets near them beautifies the look. The green plants on these walls can be cut into different shapes and designs different from the usual concrete and marble.

Fireplace Area

A huge fireplace with round sofas around it in the open air is a trend in hotel interior designing.As we usually see in luxury hotels. Similarly, you can bring luxury to your home decor. Every home requires an area where the whole family can sit or have a little gathering.

On a chilly winter night, gathering around the fireplace is an Instagram goal. So why not make that possible? A big circular fireplace at the center paired with round sofas and oversized cushions is just a great idea. 

Coastal Decor

The coastal decor is an innovative way to hydrate an area. Incorporating aquariums in your interior adds a classic yet new look to it. Coastal decor is vast and has many things to add to your interior

Coastal interior means adding blues and neutral tones to your interior through rugs, cushions and decoration pieces. These styling techniques are seen in hotels which give a cosy feeling and make you feel at home

Huge windows 

Natural light plays an important role in Hotel interior designing. It has a prominent effect on an interior. Huge windows in your living room and bedroom promote maximum natural lighting. We see this trend in luxurious hotel lobbies and rooms.

Huge window styles by classic jacquard curtains for a solid look or white net curtains to give a sheer look to the room are both top trends these days. Huge windows usually have broad borders, which serve as holders to keep some decoration items. Plus, who does not love the tremendous city views from the top flower?

Cottage Styles

The natural inspired vintage look is something we see at luxury hotels. The massive stone walls and wooden cabinets bring the old charm back. This interior looks both beautiful and cosy in winter

You can add a cane patio swing at the corner of your living room design, hang some baskets from the ceiling in a corner and add boho style rugs to make your place look more cottage-like. Your visitors will love the cottage look and admire this aesthetic interior idea.

Spa-like Bathrooms

A modern hotel trend that invites relaxation is “spa”. Giving your master bedroom and guest bedroom an extended washroom with spa features hypes up your interior. A luxurious bathtub with a small cocktail tray over it, twin sinks, and a bathroom closet make your washroom look classy.

Installing a separate shower, bathtub area and artificial plants in huge marble vases at a corner is an ideal hotel bathroom trend that you can incorporate in your home. 

Artworks in Hotel interior designing

Art is always a good idea to add colour and beautify a living space. We have always loved hotel beds with low backs and a huge artwork behind them. Installing artwork on your major home walls; the foyer and living room is a good way to charm

You can promote local art by matching and contrasting it with the hotel interior designing  and colour scheme. A plain interior can look more attractive with an artwork supporting it. 

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