Everybody wants to glow their home at night. However, how to glow?Home Lighting Design is a difficult and time-consuming task. Besides this, you must have some home decoration and lighting ideas to make your home glowing among others at night. In this article, we are sharing different attractive, charming, and beautiful lighting ideas. Before we jump to our main topic let’s discuss some basic types of lighting. So that we have a better idea about lightning types in the home.

Ambient Lighting

It is used for lighting up rooms.it is one of the main lighting sources. Normally it covers and lights up the whole space. With ambient lighting, and can walk freely on the ground or everywhere.

Task lighting

Task lighting is used for specific tasks. like a lamp placed at the corner of the bedside. You can use it for reading or doing any other task. Similarly, a lamp is placed at a table used for reading, writing, or studying.

Accent lighting

If you want to focus on anything, Accent lighting is the best option.it can be used in workplaces to perform different tasks like kitchen etc.

Landscape lighting

A type of Home Lighting decor design to illuminate the outside area of the home like a garden or any other landscape. It has many objectives like decoration, illumination, safety, security, accessibility, etc. In this article, we will share different landscape lighting ideas to keep your home glowing.

Different landscape lighting ideas to keep your home glowing

To keep your garden, backyard, or front yard glowing we are sharing some ideas with you. We hope you will like it.

Uplighting your home building with spotlights or floodlights

You can use spotlights to illuminate the complete building of your home. You can use different range spotlights to illuminate, front, back, and side walls accordingly. Defending upon the area you want to glow you can use spotlights or floodlights. Spotlight illumination range is up to 45 degrees. While floodlight illumination range is up to 112o degrees. Talking about installation. You can install it one foot above the foundation.

Install lantern on the main path

Normally a home has one main path. You can install lanterns at a specific distance on both sides of the path. The best option is to install solar lanterns. As you will get rid of underground wire connection and electricity expenses. This is one of the commonly used Home Lighting in new design home.

Installing step lights or luminaries at stairs

Stairs are dangerous to walk at night. Lighting stairs have two benefits. the first one is to ensure safe accessibility through stairs at night. And the second is the beautification of the area. Depending on the stairs if it is inside the home, You can use decor design deck and step lights for ensuring beauty and safety at night. Besides this, if the steps are outside the building you can install luminaries. This will glow your new design home.

Installing glob lamps at sides of swimming pool

A swimming pool is an important part of the house. And every home consists of swimming pools. So it can be illuminated in different ways to keep your home glowing. To do this you have to simply install globe lights around the pool. It will give you a beautiful look at night.

Install bright lights at edges of the path

Normally bricks are installed at the sides of pathways. Installing bright lights on the edges can make your path glow. 

Grazing and washing

Grazing and washing are two separate Home Lighting Design ideas. However, both are used for lighting an architectural feature. if you have a hardscape-heavy yard, grazing is the best option. In this type, a light source is placed close to the soft surface. Where the light moves upward and creates a shadow play.

While washing lighting technique is used to hedge a large entertainment area with lights. Fur washing technique, place a light source between a surface and vantage point.

Inground Lighting

Another landscape lighting ideas to keep your home glowing is inground lighting. It is used for both landscape and hardscape settings. Inground lighting is specifically designed for lawns and walkways.

Installing Downlights at trees / Moonlighting technique

If you have long trees in your back yard or lawn. Another best idea to keep your home glowing is installing downlights at trees or their branches. This is also called moonlighting technique.

Installing Christmas lights

It is one of the most commonly used Home Lighting Design ideas. In this method, Christmas lights are installed at different things like small trees, tree branches, fences, and other areas. it keeps your home glowing.

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