carpet and furniture ideas decor design and rugs have important share in your apartment interior design. These items help a lot in complimenting your interior décor. It adds elegance to your room and provides a warm feeling. Everyone wants to make his rug look fresh all the time, but of course, it is not an easy task. Rugs bear more dirt than any other décor object. It needs to care much for maintaining their awesome look. You can make your rugs look always like new by applying some tricks.

  • Arrange regular cleaning for your rugs

Rugs need regular cleaning more than any other object in your house. All the dirt from your floor is absorbed in these rugs. Moreover, rugs become rough due to in use all the times. You need to do cleaning on daily basis. One easy way to clean your carpet is to vacuum it daily. Make immediate cleaning if you find any trash on it. Bring out some cleaners that are specifically made for carpet cleaning.

  • Let your rugs face fresh air monthly

Your rugs need fresh air to breath. Once in a month, let your rugs face sunlight and fresh air for some time. It will let them odd smell out. You can also wipe out the dirt outside by wriggling it. It will make your rug neat and fresh looking.

  • Use multiple sprays for making your rug odd-free

You can make your rugs odd-free by using different sprays. These sprays are easily available in the market. These are specifically made for rugs so it will not affect the quality of your rug. You have a wide range of fragrance sprays, and also the sprays which keep all the insects away from your rug.

  • Try your best to keep shoes away from your rugs

Shoes add so much dirt to your rug. Make it compulsory for your family members to put off their shoes away from the carpets and rugs. Carpet shoes are also available for the rooms which have wall to wall carpets. These shoes are soft as hard soles can harm delicate texture of your carpet.

  • Choose different types of rugs for different rooms to keep them fresh longer

One important thing to care much is that you should choose carpet and furniture ideas decor design according to your room type. Guest rooms need delicately designed rugs as they are not used every time. You even can opt for wall to wall carpets for your guest room. A central carpet designs or a medium-sized rug is good to choose for a living room.

Keep in mind that durable rugs will better suit to place in your living room due to excessive use. These rugs will remain fresh longer, while subtle texture with delicate pattern will be suitable for your guest room as it is less in use. Bedroom also needs durable rugs.

  • Take services of professionals

Professionals are always better to your cleaning skills. Take services of professional to make your rugs and carpets excessively clean. These professional have knowledge about which type of cleaner will suit to your rug. They clean your carpets with suitable cleaners which do not harm the quality of your rug. Professionals can also suggest how often you need cleaning for which of your rug. They can also lead you to purchase the right area rug for your home design.

  • Use baking soda to wipe out stains immediately

You could have stains on your carpets; you just need to wipe out these stains at once to avoid any permanent damage to your rug. You can try any of carpet cleaner spray to make your rug clean of these stains. Make sure to use some plastic sheet during the activity that may leave stains on your rug. Beware when your kids are doing some activities, they can do harm to your rug.

  • Keep your rugs rolled when out of use or any other renovation activity

Most of the people don’t take notice of their rugs when go out for vacations. You should troll up your rugs to keep them clean before going outside for a shorter or longer vacation. You should do the same when you start any renovation activity in your home as rugs are highly dust absorbent and your renovation mess can harm the quality of your rugs.

  • Change place of the rug if it appears unsuitable

Don’t hesitate in placing your rug to some other place when you find it unsuitable at the recent place. For instance, sometimes a rug starts getting rough if it is on a way whereby everyone is passing often and often. Mke sure your rugs match the carpet designs.

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