If you have the best time to organize a room inside the house, turn it into a kitchen. We’ve rounded up some simple tips and tools to make kitchen design and organization a little easier. And we dare say fun too.

Your kitchen is usually the busiest room, despite being located in the corner of a studio apartment, and a small agency could make cooking much faster and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a Marie Kendo protégé or lightly keeping your spice rack lined up, we’ve put together some thoughts to encourage you to prepare.

Keep scrolling to find innovative hacks and organization ideas that really work, no matter the size of your kitchen.

Organize Your Baking Tools

If you’re a baker, you could easily shave the cookie recipe on your lunch break if you had direct access to every measuring cup, spoon, or measuring cup you could want without digging into a messy drawer. Consider organizing your drawers primarily by frequency of use, and load up dividers to give each appliance its own area. This will improve your kitchen design.

Use clear storage inside the fridge

If your fridge is a disaster area, this concept is for you. Invest in neat boxes. Your meals can be prepared, and you will easily see where the lot is placed for cleaning, immediately enter

Reuse a corner

If you have a small kitchen without a pantry, worry no more. Consider turning an unused nook into a shallow pantry. Keep it prepared with matching boxes if it’s visible, or cover it with a curtain or door.

Use risers for your countertop

Short on garage space in a small kitchen? Invest in risers. It will double the surface of the counter without occupying the coveted preparation area. Look for white or herbal wood to blend with your countertops.

Using a pegboard

There are few things more flexible than a pegboard. This impressive espresso station concept is proof that a pegboard can be the ultimate smart kitchen design organization device. Hang cups from pegs and load open shelves for boxes.

Hanging Pans and Kitchen Utensils

Down in the cupboard area, install brackets or rods to grab your pots and miscellaneous kitchen utensils from an empty area of the wall. It provides clean access to the tools you work with regularly without using a valuable cabinet.

Use your doors

Don’t forget that area behind the closet door. Add shallow cabinets inside your door to save more spices and spend every inch of space you have. Or use small hooks to grab small tools.

Making use of every awkward corner

If you have a small kitchen design, you realize that applying every corner and every crevice is essential. Add shelving to the back of shelves, around the perimeters of islands, and anywhere you find an unused area.

Put the cups upside down

One of the best approaches to making your shelves much less cluttered is to show your glasses upside down.

Use it under the table cupboard

For small areas, maximize the garage with cabinets under the kitchen desk. A fold-down desk provides more room to move around, and cabinets allow you to store regular items in one easy view.

Removing the Dish Rack from the Counter

You cannot skip choosing the right dish racks during your kitchen design. There are several dish racks that can be placed under a counter to air dry without taking up the surface. If you can’t build or install a cupboard, look for a small dish drainer that fits above the sink.

Use the top shelf

Before you start packing, think about where you’ve placed all of your items. Reserve the simplest shelf for things you don’t often want, so you don’t have to continually walk over your stuff.

Stack dishes on your island

If you have an island with a spare shelf, use it to store dishes. Remember they are on display so stack them wisely! If you don’t have an island, you can install wall units to also be used as a storage unit for dishes.


Now that we’re spending more time at home, kitchens have become decidedly versatile spaces where we work, relax and play. As such, it’s no longer just the kettle and toaster that could be tasked with cluttering up counters and bringing visual “noise” into the kitchen design.

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