There are many reasons why people might be restricted to where they can buy plants: for instance, you might live in an apartment building with no nearby garden center. Many times, people also grow their own plants in pots and gardens, but they might need to buy more of them because they’re having a hard time keeping up with the work. This article will provide advice on 8 online shops that deliver to your doorstep, so you can have the best of both worlds.

When someone needs to buy plants for their garden or as gifts for someone, there are lots of places where you can find them. Unless you live near a garden center or floral shop, this article will show you nine different websites that sell flowers and other greenery over the internet. If you’ve never shopped for plants online before but find yourself in this situation, here are nine plant-selling online shops that offer delivery to your door.

1. Park Seed

Park Seed has been offering gardening products since the early 1900s. In addition to filling their website with seeds they also sell butterfly bushes, herbs, climbing roses and a variety of other flowering plants and greenery. They also offer a wide selection of items for the home and garden, including bird baths, garden statues and vegetable starts.

2. The Bouqs Co

The Bouqs Co. is the world’s largest flower delivery service. They offer a wide selection of fresh and blooming flowers in addition to potted plants and succulents. Bouqs also has a “What’s in Bloom” section on their website, where they post beautiful photos of flowers that are currently available at their country locations.

3. Etsy

A unique online nursery, is the go-to destination if you’re seeking plant-based home decor. Among their thousands of one-of-a-kind products are vintage terrariums, moss walls, fairy gardens and more. There is a wide variety of plants available, including succulents, cacti and aloe vera.

4. The Sill

The Sill offers a line of succulent air plants designed by renowned floral designer Liz Gumbinner that come in gold containers for $45 each or ceramic for $60. They make a perfect gift for anyone who wants to add some life to their living spaces. The company also has an amazing visual guide to succulents at this link here .

5. Terrain

Terrain is a “living landscape” company that creates landscape designs for the home, from courtyard and patio designs to patios and backyard setups. If you want plants that you can reach for, or if you don’t have enough yard space for a full-size garden, consider Terrain. They offer creative alternatives to traditional landscapes.

6. Pistils Nursery

Many irises are available at Pistils, a 100-year-old nursery in the Hudson Valley known for their varieties. Among the many types are “Michaelmas”, which bloom in September and have orange-yellow flowers; “Pinetop”, which produces clusters of yellow flowers on a mounding mound; and “Queen of Thorns”, which has beautiful violet-purple blooms. On their website, they also sell deep purple salvias, lily bulbs and more

7. The Home Depot

When you think of places to buy plants online, this is not what comes to mind. However, The Home Depot has an entire garden center on their website that sells everything from hanging baskets and shrubs to ground cover and more. The great thing about their online garden center is that it offers everything you find at the store, just with the convenience of access from home.

8. Amazon Fresh

If you are looking for fresh flowers on the Amazon Fresh website you can order them by phone or by buying them online. The company currently offers six different delivery options. If you live in a city near one of the company’s pick-up locations you can even get your flowers delivered to your door.

These are all the shops that deliver a wide selection of plants and greenery to your door. Whether you are buying them for yourself or as gifts, you can’t go wrong with these top-notch companies that make purchasing plants as easy as clicking a button. 


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