The design of the buildings we live in reflects the world we live in. With this in mind, designers have pushed boundaries to create buildings that offer us a glimpse of what’s possible. These geometric walls are designed with a modern expression offering sophisticated and futuristic aesthetic style. In addition, they also feature a natural air-conditioning system that offers an appealing view as well as cooling effect to provide comfort for you and your family.

Arranged in a symmetrical pattern, the modern wall is made of natural stone placed on a concrete surface. Composed of triangular shapes, this wall is set on a house with the same design and color. The light brown color of the natural stone provides a contrast to the blue sky and turquoise water located nearby. Aside from enhancing its aesthetics, this wall also serves as an artistic structure that protects its owner from bullets and debris. Here are some Modern Geometric walls for your Home:

1. Graphic Posters

If art is your passion, then you will definitely find this graphic posters appealing. This wall is designed in an abstract manner to serve as a background for all your framed and mounted photos. This two-in-one wall not only provides you with a breathtaking view but also serves as a wonderful display of your beautiful memories of the past.

2. Labyrinth Wallpaper

Geometrical patterns have been a popular decorative design choice for many years now. Keeping this in mind, designers have come up with various themes of geometric patterns in wallpaper application. This mural of geometric patterns has been made available in three different versions (red, white, and blue).

3. Triangular Wallpaper

When it comes to developing a unique wall design, you can consider using triangular patterns as the main focus. This modern geometric pattern is a secondary element that complements its owner’s furniture and accent pieces within a room. The blue color of this wall is inspired by the atmosphere of the ocean and complements other blues within the rooms.

4. Neon Tiles 

If you are a fan of vibrant colors, then this neon tiles will definitely catch your attention. The pattern of these geometric tiles resembles the sea foam with bright colors that are ideal for outdoor applications. These tiles are most ideal for multiple-family dwellings as it can be easily installed on a wall in different color combinations.

5. Hexagon Pattern

The geometric pattern of hexagonal shapes can be used as an accent wall in a room. The hexagonal shapes are ideal for variety of applications such as a wallpaper, the background for paintings, and a splash back for kitchen cabinets. This wall is a good choice for those who want to achieve the focal point in their rooms without using bold or flashy colors.

6. Mural Wallpaper

In order to create a modern geometric design, you can opt to use mural patterns on your walls. This mural wall is designed with various shades of black and blue which are inspired by the night sky at sea level.

7. Sea Glass Wallpaper

For those who are in love with the sea, this seashell wallpaper pattern will definitely lighten your mood. The pattern of these geometric shapes feature interesting shells with a soft blue color which will really enhance your décor style.

8. Photographic Images as Wallpaper

photography may sometime be considered as art, but also serves as a history of moments and memories. You can use it to decorate your wallpapers in any number of geometric patterns to bring out the feel of your room and make it match the theme you are trying to project.

“Modern geometric patterns can be used to decorate many pieces of furniture as well as the homes themselves. Geometric patterns provide for a unique and stylish look to any wall surface. These designs have been created in order to provide an aesthetic that is modern and appealing.” The above article is a short, captivating guide for someone who would like to create geometric patterns for their homes. 


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