Bathroom tiles design has the dedicated task of keeping water from spilling into the main areas of your house, making them one of the most important pieces in a home Bath Room Design. Here are 32 beautiful designs for bathroom tile that will upgrade your space with a contemporary twist.

Bathroom Tiles

01 . Bathroom tiles design With Wooden Trim

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to use tile for underfloor heating and caulk around large areas where there are holes or cracks. Your best option is to use tiles that can cover up these details. 

  1. A Tile Design With A Mosaic Border

Bathroom Tiles_2

If you’re looking for a tile that can be used on the floor or even as a wall accent, this marble tile idea from Simply Renee Design Company is a fantastic example.

  1. A Simple Subway Tile Bathroom Design

Bathroom Tiles_3

This simple subway bathroom tiles design from Just Kids Home Décor Ideas are simple but still possesses an air of sophistication that will elevate your bathroom to something very chic and relaxing. 

  1. A Cupola Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tiles_4

When you’re trying to create a large space in a smaller space, pull the tile all the way to the ceiling and you’ve got yourself a perfect treatment area that looks like it’s floating over the rest of your home. 

05 . A Dragonfly Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tiles_5

This gorgeous bathroom from The house interior design is the perfect balance of modern and elegant. The use of tile here is minimal and traditional, making this look very clean and sleek while adding a splash of color in the form of white grout. 

  1. A Striking Blue Pattern Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tiles_6

Blue is one of those relaxing colors that also feels sophisticated, bringing a sense of refinement with it when used in a bathroom. By using this bathroom tiles design from Simply Renee Design Company, you can add the blue accent in a sample of the floor whilst still maintaining a traditional look.

  1. A Circle Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tiles_7

This modern interior design from Kristine Christensen Designs is a shower area made to feel very private and intimate, with the use of large, circular tiles that pull the eye in and keep it there. The small amounts of grout are also wonderfully deceiving, making this tile idea look like an area of attraction whereas it is actually quite empty.

08 . A Simple Square Bathroom Tile With Brushed White Grout

Bathroom Tiles_8

When you’re not busy trying to make the whole bathroom look like a designer showroom, keep your tile simple and sleek by using this white grout tile idea. The minimalistic Design Inspiration of neutral colors gives the space a sense of relaxation while still adding a dash of elegance.

09. A Bathroom Tile With Black Grout

By simply modifying the colour of the grout, you can add a bit of colour without completely changing your beautiful tile design into something completely out of a magazine. Just make sure that you keep it clean and stain-free! 

10. A Beach-Inspired Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom Tiles_10

For a bathroom that feels laid back and luxurious all at once, try this beachy tile idea. By keeping the overall design super minimal, you can create the illusion of more space than you have. 

11. A Modern Subway Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom Tiles_11

The addition of a bit of empty space between each tile makes them stand out even more and keeps your bathroom from feeling crowded or overwhelming.

  1. A Mosaic Tiled Wall

This mosaic tile idea that adds a beautiful accent to any room and is perfect for creating an artistic and intriguing look in your bathroom. 

13. A Colorful Tile Design For Small Spaces

In a small space, color can be one of the most effective Decorating Ideas you can add because it has the power to completely transform a room into something that feels like you’re standing inside of a painting. 

14. A Waterfall Tile Design

When you want to make your bathroom look lush and soothing, consider this Bath Room Design ideas,. By adding more bold colours while keeping the tiles on the floor white, you can create a peaceful and inviting design in a space that can feel as though it’s simply too small to hold much more. 

15. A Yellow Tile With Accent Tiles

Attention to detail is an important thing to keep in mind when designing a bathroom. By making sure that you have an eye for color, you can make sure that the tile in your space looks as lovely as the rest of it while still maintaining its own unique touch. 

16. A Blue Tile With A Groove

Adding a pattern here and there to your bathroom can be a fun way to add a bit of extra flair and still keep it very clean and minimal in the process. This blue tile idea from Culinary Designs is an excellent example of how beautifully simple things can look when done well.

17. A Tile With Teal Accents

Teal is one of those subdued but striking colours that adds just enough pop in your bathroom for it to be noticeable, but not so much that it’s overwhelming or makes the entire space look too busy. 

18 . A Tile With A Darker Green Accent

By keeping the beige grout as well as the other accent colours neutral and simple, you can create a look that doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. 

19. A Tile With A Brown Accent

Brown is always a great choice for accent tiles because of its earthy and natural vibe. By making sure to keep it muted, you can create a tile with a sense of elegance without losing out on any of the natural beauty that brown brings.

20. Bathroom tiles design With A Forest Green Accent

This tile idea from Culinary Designs is another brilliant example of how adding just enough colour to allow your space to look incredibly classy while maintaining a clean and simple design style. 

21. A Tile With A Purple Accent

Purple is an excellent colour for accents because it’s not very intense and is often complemented by lighter shades. By using this tile idea from Tammy Johnson Design, you can add a splash of sophistication without overdoing it by throwing in one random accent color. 

22. A Tile With Gold Accents

Gold is one of those colours that can be used in your Bathroom Tiles for an accent and still feel very elegant and tasteful. Use this tile idea from Culinary Designs to add a dash of class without throwing in something that’s too cliché. 

  1. A Roman Tub Tile

 It’s an interesting twist on traditional tile ideas that will make your space look more substantial without feeling like it’s overcrowded by tiles. 

24. A Tile Design With Water Drops

If you’re looking for a unique look for your Bathroom Tiles, try this one from The Design House that has tiny droplets of water added in as an artistic touch. 

25. A Chic Tile Design With Color

When you need a little bit of color in your space without completely overdoing it, try this bathroom tiles design from Kristine Christensen Designs that adds a splash of colour without completely changing the overall look and feel of the space. 

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