A Bed Room Design is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and therefore it can be used to express the personality and style of its occupants. When decorating a bedroom design interior, many people start with the color scheme. But another way to make an impression is by adding wallpaper — either patterned or plain. Some choose to cover just a section of their wall, while others prefer to add it throughout the whole room. we are sharing tips for interior design of bedroom.

There is a huge variety of wall paintings styles and patterns, so if you’re looking for something unique, there are many choices. And it’s easier than ever to achieve a particular look by choosing a style with matching accessories like wall sconces and bedding.

01. Bold Stripes with a Touch of Color

The addition of the deep red stripes in the latest living room design area adds an interesting contrast to the striped wallpaper and brings a lot of visual interest to the room.

02. Faux Stone Wallpaper Border

The master bathroom uses a faux stone texture for the wallpaper border, which is a great way to give a room an expensive look without having to go all out on materials. The pattern and texture of the border also helps add visual interest, while not being too overwhelming in a small space like this one.

03. A Star Wars Pattern

The bathroom from Peasant Studio from New York City uses a bold geometric pattern in a fun way to dress up this small space with some fun colors and patterns.

04. Mix and Match Wallpaper

This eclectic Bed Room Design ideas by North Shore Design Studio is a clever mix and match of patterns, from peel and stick to vintage to modern. It’s the perfect place for a young couple or roommates who are latest living room design in close quarters..It will perfectly match with interior design of bedroom

05. A Forest of Fleur de Lis

A fleur de lis patterned wallpaper was created by the talented John M. Lutyens & Co., a British wallpaper manufacturer, at the end of the 19th century to decorate every dormitory room in one of London’s most prestigious boarding schools.

06. Abstract Art Wallpaper

To create a soothing atmosphere in this modern bedroom by the talented Christine Hjelm of De Ville Design Inspiration, the ceiling was covered with a bold abstract wallpaper that features cosmic shapes in shades of blue.

07. Hotel-Like Accent Wallpaper

A gray, patterned wallpaper is the star of this sophisticated contemporary room by Stick and Go Design Inspiration in Annapolis, Maryland. The patterned wallpaper adds color and texture to a white wall while drawing attention to the main feature: a black dresser and mirrored closet lined with opaque glass doors.

08. Geometric Wallpaper

To keep the geometric pattern in this bedroom by Allin Studio from Saint Paul, Minnesota, from looking too busy, Brianne Kingston went for a delicate design containing only three colors: gray, white and black. With just three hues to play with and only one over-arching pattern to distract, the wallpaper is carried out with a minimum of fuss.

09. A Modern Jewel Box

This modern living room design with a large round window is sure to thrill even the fussiest of decorators thanks to its striped wallpaper that looks like a row of jewels has been wrapped around the wall by Maria Muench Design.

10. Polka Dot Wallpaper

This wall in this cottage called Red Fox Cottage by Dennis Wolk is covered with small, white dots. The dots add texture to the otherwise smooth backdrop, and the color scheme is an easy way to add pizzazz to a room. As a bonus, the colors are very soothing and fit for the interior design of bedroom.

11. A Soft Wallpaper Border

What started as a bedspread Home Décor Ideas has become a wallpaper border that blends beautifully with the rest of the bedding in this bedroom by Oakdene Design from Tennessee. It’s a huge design statement that subtly separates the bedroom from the adjacent living space without detracting from it or making it look cluttered.

12. Zebra Patterned Wallpaper

This funky bedroom from The Design Incubator in Detroit, Michigan, features a bold zebra patterned wallpaper that is backed with a striped eggshell color and set off by splashes of pink. The combination is a fun way to create a room full of personality, and it draws attention to the wall.

13. Damask Wallpaper Border

Damask is one of the most traditional of all decorative patterns, so it’s no surprise that it’s still going strong — and it really pops when added to a contemporary room like this by Jennie Rose house interior design out of Birmingham, Alabama. What a great reminder that sometimes staying true to tradition can be more than enough when decorating!

14. Multicolored Wallpaper Border

This colorful wallpaper border is one of those things that can be used to conceal less than perfect walls, such as this bedroom by Lily Ashwell with the help of Heather Maberry from Montreal. Although it’s a bold pattern, it’s so well-balanced that it never looks cluttered.

15. Thick Textured Wallpaper Border

Thickly textured wallpaper, like the one featured in this modern bedroom by Nicole Molinaro Design based out of San Francisco is a great way to add texture and depth to a room because it adds more visual interest than paint alone would.

16. Vintage Wallpaper Border

Vintage wallpaper can make a big design impact in a small room like this one.

17. Stripping Wallpaper Border

This radical but stunning transformation was achieved by stripping the paint off of the walls in this modern living area by Simion Palmer Architecture in Sydney, Australia. Then they added a bold patterned wallpaper border to create the perfect backdrop for their collection of luxury art books.

18. A Wraparound Service Window Wallpaper

To add visual interest to this industrial and sleek room by Schmader Interior Design from California, designers wrapped the upper half of one window with wallpaper using a colorful print featuring images of nature. The paper surround and border also reinforces the industrial tone by adding texture.

19. Scrappy Wallpaper

When in doubt, add a lot of color. This bedroom by the talented Jill Sanderson of Sanderson David Design features a wall papered with an array of prints that almost all feature red in some way. And while the placement is haphazard and random, it works because the room is small and all of the walls are white. The result? A bold, lively space that is sure to get noticed — maybe not your first choice for a master bedroom, but certainly one that could work for a kid’s room or guest room.

20. Geometric Multicolored Wallpaper

Geometric patterns can also be a bold way to cover a wall with wallpaper. Here in this bedroom by Ryan Kaufman Interiors, a geometric patterned wallpaper creates an exciting backdrop for the bed, and helps fill up the windowless room.

21. Dotted Wallpaper Pattern

The mixture of dark tones in the dot pattern featured in this stylish New York City home by CWB Architects is sophisticated and rich looking. The muted tones and small size of the dots contribute to a rich look, while also acting as a background for other design elements in the room like art and furniture.

22. A Tapestry Wallpaper 

To finish off this vintage-inspired interior design of bedroom, Maria Muench Design used a textured solid patterned wallpaper border to create a beautiful finish on the walls. The extra detail on top of the wallpaper gives it visual interest, but it’s not intrusive or in your face.

23. A Spacey Blue Wallpaper

The white bed and dark blue curtains in this stunning bedroom design interior by Allin Studio from Saint Paul, Minnesota, are all accented with blue flocked wallpaper that adds an interesting pop of color to the room and gives it a spacey feel.

24. A Patterned Wallpaper Border

A patterned wallpaper border can be a great way to create a visually interesting backdrop for other design elements in a room. The floral wallpaper border in the chair rail and headboard of this bedroom by Jonathan Williams Design is detailed with small flowers and leaves as well as geometric shapes.

25. Colorful Patterns

Texture doesn’t always have to be a linear element on the wall, as it is here in this bedroom by Elle Stangle Design out of Las Vegas. The patterned wallpaper almost looks like it’s made up of tiny pieces of colored fabric and it’s set off nicely against the neutral base color of the walls without being too busy or overpowering.

26. An Abstract Patterned Wallpaper

The colors and patterns featured in this cool space by West Elm are loud and bold, but what makes the whole room work is the neutral base color of the walls. It balances out the room while still letting all of those colors shine through.

27. A Pop of Color on the Wall

This living area by Stephanie Boone Design features a pop of bright purple on the wall so that it really stands out against all of those white surfaces. It’s a great way to add some color without making things too busy in a small space.

28. A Bold Wallpaper 

A bold wallpaper border like the one featured in this dining room by Lost & Found NYC can make an impact without being too loud in a space. It now has a soft feel to it because the room is small, but it would have been just as effective if used in a larger space where you could really see those beautiful colors on the wall.

29. Variety of Colors and Patterns on a Wall

Mixing patterns is always risky, but this living area by Amy Kehoe Interiors makes it work with sheer curtains hanging against a patterned wallpaper border. The colors used in the pattern are great for this space and bring a lot of visual interest.

30. A Mad Hatter Wallpaper Border

This bright yellow wall covering on the walls in this interior design of bedroom make it impossible to take your eyes off of, but it’s also very playful with a whimsical pattern that would look great in any room.

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