The kitchen is usually a space that can be modified the easiest- it’s large, open and has the least amount of foot traffic. This article will show you 15 different Kitchen Design that have been renovated into something really unique. Some are practical and functional while others are just straight-up bizarre.

Some of these transformations include: a bench in place of a cabinet, whimsical fish wallpaper, glass tiles on the kitchen island, and an entire room turned into a mezzanine.

Here’s a list of some of the creative Kitchen Design featured:

  1. Cabinets Turned Into Bench

In this kitchen, the cabinet space has been replaced with a bench that can double as seating. The bench has open storage space underneath in case pots and pans need to be stored away. And, the cabinet doors were replaced with glass doors so that it doesn’t feel like there are missing cabinets. This concept would be great to save on space because under-counter cabinets are usually the most useless cabinets in the house.

  1. Basket for Place Settings

This kitchen’s weird feature is this basket used for place settings instead of plates, bowls, cups and saucers. No, this isn’t some weird trend that’s just come out of nowhere, it actually has historical significance. In the 18th Century, these baskets were used in the dining room so that people could pick up their food and move it out of the way after they were done eating. These baskets are made with stiff paper, and they held hot things like soup and meat pies.

  1. “Cooking Fish Wallpaper”

A very unique kitchen is this one with a completely different type of wallpaper. It looks like a painting of fish on a beach, but it’s actually wallpaper. The fish are created by using different textures and sizes of fish in a very specific pattern. This is an example of a kitchen design that has been totally transformed into something different from the original version.

  1. Kitchen Island Tiles

Have you ever wanted a kitchen island that looked more like a big piece of glass? This kitchen has glass tiles installed on their kitchen island so that it looks like they have an entire room made entirely out of glass. The color scheme is also the same on both sides, which gives it the illusion that it’s one whole room with no boundaries- just like glass! And, the addition of lighting fixtures further enhances this effect

  1. Custom Kitchen Shelving

This kitchen has custom shelving in place of the cabinets. The custom shelving is made out of steel, while the cabinets are made out of wood. This gives it a vintage kitchen feel. Some people may not like having so much open space, but this concept can be used in many other ways- it’s just added to the common, everyday use of this type of custom shelving by making it more unique and calling it a unique feature!

  1. Room with Custom Metal Cabinets

This Kitchen Design has an entire room turned into a mezzanine with custom metal cabinets- which looks like something that you’d see in an old factory or warehouse building from way back when. The metal cabinets can also be used as shelving for pots and pans so that they don’t have to be hidden in storage cabinets underneath the island.

  1. Stained Glass Tile

Another kitchen with a unique feature is this one with stained glass tile on the kitchen island. The glass seems to be hand-painted and gives off a very bright and inviting feel. This would be perfect for a home with lots of natural light, but it might not look as good in other types of homes where there isn’t much natural light coming into the kitchen. More often than not, it’ll turn into an eyesore after a few years due to fading and discoloring.

  1. Customized Countertops

This kitchen is this one with a customized countertop. These specific countertops have been covered in ribbons of different colors to provide an artistic visual appeal. The ribbons do give off that ‘wow factor’, but they don’t make the kitchen look very functional. It would probably be better to just stick to the basic countertop unless you want to turn heads rather than keep them covered in drool.

  1. Glass Ceiling Tile

There’s something very 1930s about this kitchen, and we’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. It’s a very vintage look, particularly with the light fixture hanging over the island, but it’s also pretty modern in the sense that you don’t see this often. The glass tiles make a great replacement for traditional tiles and offer an extra layer of protection just in case someone accidentally drops something on them.

  1. Glass Doors with Stained Glass Pattern

If you need some inspiration for a new kitchen design, perhaps this one could be of use to you. It has glass doors that have been painted over to look like stained glass. This appeals to the person who wants their kitchen to have a much more historical feel while still being functional and beautiful at the same time!

  1. Modular Cabinets

This kitchen has a very unique look that wouldn’t be found in many other kitchens. The cabinets have been sectioned off into pieces so that they are able to store more things than a traditional cabinet would. Not only do these cabinets take up less room, but they also have different height levels within them- so the top is taller and can hold pots and pans, while the bottom is shorter and can hold small plates, bowls, cups, etc.

  1. Extra Storage for Food Items

This kitchen might make you feel like you’re in an aquarium with its white tiles on the walls and floor. But, the real beauty is in the huge aquarium hanging from the ceiling. The long aquarium is filled with fish to give you that extra dose of homey feel. It’s also a great way to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t get messy while food is being prepared- no one wants to get food residue all over their nice clean floors!

  1. Custom Cabinets

This Kitchen Design might seem like it has a lot of wasted space because of its unusual looking cabinets, but it actually uses every square inch of space accurately. The height of the cabinets makes them seem tall, while they actually lean in on both sides so that every cabinet can be used effectively and create more storage space than if they were vertical instead.

  1. Kitchen Made of Bits and Pieces

This kitchen is made from all sorts of different materials, from wood to steel to glass, etc. It doesn’t look like a cohesive style that would be found in many kitchens, but it does have a certain je ne sais quoi about it. This is a kitchen that has been remodeled by actually taking things apart and putting them back together in a way that makes sense- which most people wouldn’t do! This can be a very fun and creative way to get inspiration for your own kitchen remodeling project.

  1. The Modular Kitchen Island

This is an example of modular furniture being used in the kitchen to help create more storage space. It’s a useful and practical concept, but it is also very stylish due to its sleek and clean look. By being modular, the kitchen doesn’t have to be so big or so cluttered, which makes it easier to keep clean.

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