kids room interior design require a lot of hard work. As much as we love our children’s artwork, there are times when we can’t display it all – like on the fridge. No need to choose between your kid’s art or the family calendar, how about a creative wall décor idea that combines both? It’s an art gallery wall that’s super easy to achieve, no nails or fancy tools needed! This is a perfect way to make use of large blank walls and create a colorful focal point right in your kitchen. 

Tupperwalls is a new kind of magnetic painting board specially designed for displaying homemade paintings and other creative creations by children. The wall displays can be used as art galleries with many rooms. The magnetic wall hooks are equipped with placing marks so that they can be placed anywhere on the board. Artwork does not get damaged on the wall, because it can be placed on magnetic canvases. In addition, child’s self-confidence will grow due to the creation of their work of art every day. 

If are you looking for something both inexpensive and unique for your child, then try the Butterfly Wall Hanging Art Kit. This butterfly wall hanging is unbelievably easy to create, and with this

quality kit, you will get 100% transfer of the design. The kit includes everything that you need to create an amazing-looking abstract butterfly.

What rules are set for a child’s artwork in kids room interior?

No hard rules are used to display the artwork of your child. Blank wall space in your child’s room can be used to create a collage using self-adhesive frames and foam sticker letters, or hang children’s artwork with thumbtacks. This is also a great place for kids to keep photos of family members and friends in their rooms. 

How you can hang your child’s art without damaging the walls?

Hanging of wall art in kids room interior also require some techniques. The ‘Art on a Disk’ is a great way to display your favorite artwork without taking up wall space or investing in an expensive frame or mounting options. Magnetic backing attaches to most types of framed artwork and the disks are available in a variety of magnifier-free colors that add a pop 

of color to any room. With a rounded adhesive disk that sticks to the back of your art, these round magnets make it easy to display your favorite paintings on the fridge. Their top-hat shape is also perfect for hanging other photos and images that you might want to switch up with the seasons. These handy disks can be displayed outside in all weather conditions! 

The magnetic wall gallery includes 24 colorful magnetic shapes in the form of letters, numbers, and pictures of shapes. Your little one will love bringing their favorite characters to life on the board while they improve their literacy skills. It’s a playful alternative to boring plastic magnetic letters that can be found in an ordinary toy chest. 

DIY Ideas For Your Children Room Decor 

You can use these DIY ideas to decorate your children’s room. 

Photo Frames 

It’s a parent’s dream to capture memorable moments of their child’s life. And what better way to achieve it than by framing them? A simple, homemade frame made out of cardboard or wooden cut-out and decorated with your child’s cute buttons, jewelry, or drawings can be a great way to preserve the memory. 

Make Picture Collage 

Pictures are a great way to tell stories and build a family history in kids room interior. If you are looking for an easy way to get your toddler started with putting up pictures, A scrapbook wall is an ideal way to celebrate your growing family within the comfort of your home. Creativity and imagination are the focus, making this an ongoing process with little effort. Our range also includes printed wooden animals, alphabet and number stencils, cotton thread, balloons, and plenty more craft accessories.

Use Fairy Lights in kids room interior

Fairy string lights have become an essential part of home decor. If you are an avid DIY person, fairy lights you must have. Use it as a part of your décor like a kitchen design backsplash, Christmas tree ornaments, wall hanging, tabletop, etc.

Wall or Shelves Art Ideas 

Having a child’s playroom or home school area surrounded by well-organized books, toys and crafts can be very appealing and add a lot of value to your kids room interior and the structure of your home, not to mention making it easier for you. This is where wooden shelves come in handy – they make the room stand out by allowing you to use them as decor at the same time as practical storage solutions.

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