Decorating your home is always fun. You enjoy applying different décor themes and experimenting with colors. Whenever you intend to make changes and searchroom decor ideas. your room furniture is the first to come in your mind. Then other objects like curtains and decoration pieces grab your intention. But never underestimate the role of an art work in complementing the whole décor of your room. A good art piece works amazingly to transform your room in the fantastic one. Let’s discuss some of the most striking ideas to make art a stunning part of your wood interior design décor.

  • Let mirrors give a flash to your room

Framed mirrors look so beautiful. The mirrors have been used as wall art since a long time. A wide range of mirrors are available in different shapes with silver and golden frames. You can opt for one that best suits to your main décor theme. Mirrors help in brightening your room; it also gives effect of larger space. Mirrors give classical and traditional styles to your room. Mirrors are efficient in making your lighting more elegant. 

  • Use some platters to make an impressive appearance for your wall

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Wall décor has so many scopes. You can even use some traditional and antique platters and trays to make your wall more astounding. These room decor ideas are very simple to apply. Take a bulk of trays or platters, make the center with the bigger one and then gradually place them outer according to their sizes. It will make an attractive circle that will give satisfaction your aesthetic sense and produce a startling focal point for your room. You can find some classical pieces among your family heritage. You just have to make them polished and hang in the right order. Or you can visit an antique store to have some finer pieces.

  • Over-sized paintings will do it all for you

Just think about creating a good focal point in your room. Of course wall art can do it better for you. You can opt for an over-sized painting. Don’t be hesitant to keep an eye on the content of the painting other than size. It should be a suitable match with your main wall furniture design interior decor theme. A good painting can overwhelm the whole wood interior design of your room. But it is good to remember that in a bulky room, bigger paintings are unable to perform as good as we expect. Try to make your room clutter-free, when you intent to hang an over-sized painting there. These paintings are also good option to be hanged on your hallway wall. Wall for a over-sized painting should also be chosen carefully. Try the accent wall or the wall that comes first in notice while entering the room.

  • Photo frames add customized charm to your walls

Give your family photos a chance to enchant your home design decor. Photo frames look so beautiful and attractive. You can make a gallery wall of your family photos; it will add intimate charm to your room. You can do any customized arrangement of your family photos. You can arrange these photos on the sprawling wall with stairs. This gallery wall will give best expression in your living room and stands out among room decor ideas.

  • Do some with bright colors

Vibrant colors make the environment full of excitement. Use some yellow hues to paint your walls. It will make an instant difference. You can make your interior wall furniture design look bright and warm by using this color. Blue is also a good option to give some luxury effect to your room. Red is though not so common but with combination of lighter tones, it can do well for your interior beyond your expectations. Bright colors give your room trendy and updated look.

  • Try different types of wall art to refresh your interior

Wall art can help you a lot in giving fantastic look to your room. you can try for different types of wall art. Textured wallpapers lead to give your walls a refreshing new look in less expense. Wall drawings also make the interior look stunning. Wall stickers help you in creating customized designs on your walls. A lot of designs with various combinations of colors are very useful to give an astonishing look to your room. Hanging wall art also gives you so many options to add some fantastic art to your room interior.  

  • Add some elegant fabrics

Beautiful fabrics with elegant details may give a deluxe appearance. You can try various patterns and colors to make a perfect match with your décor theme. It will slightly satisfy your aesthetic sense to have delicate fabrics in your room. 


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