A European style interior design for your house is a good option as it is a timeless beauty and pays great attention to minute details. If you are a person looking for the best European style interior design ideas, well, I’m here to help you.

In this article, I have discussed some of the best ideas for transforming your house into a beautiful European style home! Get to know about all of them and make your house the best-ever European-styled one!

European Style Interior Design: Top 7 Ideas

1. Rich Wood Moulding & Paneling

Rich Wood Moulding & Paneling are essential aspects of a European Style Interior Design, that add depth and an appealing look to the interiors. They evoke a sense of historical value and complement the craftsmanship, to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Moreover, the wooden finished interior design elements enhance the luxuriousness of your interiors. Crown molding, coffered ceilings, and wainscoting are common features, that give it a timeless and elegant look and finish. Apart from this, you can also choose to have the following to make the best European Style Interior Design.

  • Crown molding: Add a crown molding to the ceiling for a royal touch.
  • Wainscoting: Install wainscoting panels for a classic European look.
  • Carved Wood Details: Add carved wood for texture and depth.
  • Ceiling Medallions: Highlight a chandelier or light fixture with a ceiling medallion.
  • Long baseboards: Choose long baseboards designed for flooring.

2. Marble Tile Flooring

I would say that the marble tile flooring is a hallmark of European style interior design. The reason is the luxurious look that marble provides. Not only do they give a shiny and luxurious appearance, but they are also more durable, which makes them mandatory for European style interior design!

Marble floors can be polished for extra warmth or finished for a more subtle look. They work well with underfloor heating systems, making them practical yet sophisticated for modern homes! Chck out these marble tile designs to make the best European interior look.

  • Classic Checkerboard Marble Tiles Design: Lay black and white marble tiles in a checkerboard pattern to give a unique appearance.
  • Herringbone Layout: Arrange the marble tiles in a herringbone pattern to impress.
  • Inlaid Design: Add inlaid marble designs to get one of the best European style marble floors.
  • Foyer Statement: Create a grand entrance with a wide marble tile patio.
  • Matte Finish: Choose matte marble tiles for a modern, non-slip finish.

3. European Antiques

Adding European antiquities in the house interiors is one of the best ways to create a European style interior design. These represent the rich historical and cultural heritage of the continent which adds to the overall aesthetics of the interiors.

In the modern European home, antiques are an integral part or part of a curated collection that reflects personal interests and history. Moreover, they can be placed in the foyers to provide a warm welcome and make the guests admire as soon as they enter your house.

  • French Armoire: A better storage furniture that adds a little French touch to any room.
  • Vintage Porcelain: Soft and elegant, these pieces can look like stunning decor or become part of a favorite collection.
  • Venetian Glass Chandelier: A stunning chandelier that brings Italian craftsmanship and elegant light to your space.
  • German Cuckoo Clock: An elegant and sophisticated timepiece that adds a playful element to your home décor.
  • Italian Renaissance Art: Reproductions that bring the grandeur and beauty of the Renaissance into your life.

4. As Simple as Scandinavian

Making the interior design as simple as possible is one of the secrets to making a great European style interior design. And when it comes to simplicity, Scandinavian interior design plays a vital role. Because it is known for a simple and minimalistic decor to make the interiors look great.

Scandinavian interiors are mostly light-filled, with white walls and stylish furniture that combines beauty and function. Here are some of the best ideas to make your interiors as simple as Scandinavian!

  • Maximizing natural light: using large windows to create open and airy spaces and nature.
  • Mod Furniture: Elegant and simple furniture that emphasizes clean lines and functional design.
  • Textured accents: Add warmth and comfort to rooms with soft fabrics like throws and rugs.
  • Neutral Color Palette: This creates a calm and inviting atmosphere with a calm, soft tone.
  • Hygge Comfort: Art in comfortable and healthy environments.


5. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are like the backbone of many interior designs, creating a canvas on which other elements can stand out. This becomes more significant in the case of European-style interior design to highlight architectural details, artwork, and furniture.

You can choose any neutral or white color for your house to make the best European style interiors. I would suggest the classic white as it is the most used color pattern in most of the European houses. Here are some of the ideas to choose the color.

  • White: A classic choice that brings brightness and a sense of spaciousness.
  • Beige: Provides warmth and versatility, working well with a variety of décor.
  • Taupe: A blend of blue and white, creating a sophisticated and understated elegance.
  • Grey: A modern staple that can range from cool to warm in tone, depending on the undertone.
  • Light Brown: These colors are earthy and inviting, adding a touch of naturalness to interior spaces.




6. Victorian Interior Design

The Victorian interior design is rich and detailed, reflecting 19th-century grandeur, and the best way to make a European style interior design. This specific design has beautifully designed furniture, luxurious linens, and plenty of decor elements to enhance the aesthetics.

Moreover, it is also characterized by dark wood and stunning textures for an elegant European appearance. Try and implement these Victorian interior design ideas to make the best European style interior design!

  • Streamlined Furniture: Elaborate carvings, depicting royal looks and tasteful woods.
  • Rich Fabrics: Cover windows and furniture with velvet, brocade, and other luxurious fabrics.
  • Antique Mirrors: Mirrors that use wide frames to add a sense of depth and history.
  • Crystal Chandelier: A chandelier enhanced by sparkling crystals.
  • Victorian Art: Classic paintings and framed paintings adorn the walls.
  • Contemporary Victorian Fusion: Balancing Victorian-style luxury and contemporary comfort for livable luxury.


7. Minimalistic Decor Elements

I would suggest that Minimalism is the most important aspect when it comes to European style interior design to achieve a sophisticated and calm atmosphere.

This style emphasizes clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and monochromatic colors, often taking inspiration from Scandinavian design principles that focus on simplicity which just saw earlier. Here are the minimalistic ideas for a better European style interior design!

  • Sleek modular furniture: Choose modular pieces that can be adapted to different layouts and functions.
  • Neutral color palette: Match palettes of white, gray, and beige to achieve a calm and cohesive look.
  • Natural materials: Use materials like linen, leather, and untreated wood to add warmth.
  • Subtle lighting: Add hidden LED fixtures and simple pendant lights for soft lighting.
  • Textured floors: Add interest with textured plaster or subtle wallpaper in neutral tones.