Along with a gorgeous venue, the bridal bouquets are another highlight of all weddings. It’s something that people look forward to regarding creativity and inspiration. For the bride, her bouquet is the most prized possession. Considerable effort and thought is invested in crafting an eye-popping bridal bouquet by the florist, bride, and bridal party. 

Each bride has her own wish of how she wants her wedding bouquet and all women fantasize about their big day. Therefore, no one likes to compromise on flowers and shades of wedding decoration ideas. 

But easier said than done, there are many factors to consider in order to achieve the perfect bridal bouquet flower mix for the big ceremony. The whimsical and enchanting flower combo does not arrive knocking at the door. Every other aspect is decided and then the bouquet matter is sorted out.

  1. Lilies

Did you know that Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet had an abundance of white lilies? These flowers were blooming in that season and looked perfect. So, if they worked great for her, why not have the same pick? There’s no reason why they wouldn’t create the perfect bridal bouquet for your big day.                                  

The lilies are the epitome of elegance, romance, and grace and everyone would pay attention to the blossoms as you walk down the aisle. But remember that these are one of the costliest picks in wedding decoration.

  1. White Roses

There is a reason why white roses are often seen in wedding ceremonies and bridal bouquets. Carrying a bouquet brimming with white roses is the best way to blend elegance and royalty. This type of statement is a dream of almost every woman! 

We all know that roses showcase extravagance and natural beauty like no other blossoms. So, set the tone with a white bouquet of white roses to create a regal look. Even Meghan Markle chose these petals.

  1. Peonies

No wedding detail can boast as much princess vibe as peonies. These flowers come with their eye-catching aesthetic for adding a royal touch. You’d even feel romantic holding them!                            

In this bouquet, you can add a few birch branches. It feels as if their blossoms were ideally made for bridal bouquets, which is why they are so frequently used in wedding ceremonies.

  1. Foxgloves

If you’ve not seen this flower in any wedding, it’s because they are not common in wedding floral arrangements. However, these bell-shaped flowers are enchanting with a tall height. But the best thing about this beauty is that it’s available in a range of colors. 

So, a peony bouquet can be valuable and offer a royal detail to your look. These fresh and rare flowers will arouse the crowd. If you need inspiration, Meghan Markle added these petals in the combination to make the best statement. 

  1. Orchids

It has become a tradition to throw orchids in bridal bouquets. These very same flowers were present in the bouquet of Queen Elizabeth II and since the inspiration is derived straight from the queen, it exudes royalness and nostalgia. 

Orchids display a wide variety with numerous shades to craft lovely, charming flower arrangements. You can be sure that holding orchids on your big day will look precious and it’s something you’ll always remember.

  1. Myrtle

For many years, Myrtle has been an integral part of wedding bouquets. Why? The reason is simple – this flower is a symbol of staying together forever and love. 

This is why the Royals have added a dash of Myrtle in their bridal bouquets. These blossoms work great for striking a statement. Just flip the pages of royal weddings history to take inspiration.

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