Food, what comes to your mind when the word food pops up? It might be your favorite restaurant or the smell of your comfort meal after a long day. However, almost everything you eat has added preservatives to increase shelf life, longer shelf life means lower nutrients and more junk than nutrition. This article is written in support of self-grown vegetables or why you should grow your own garden. Sharing some amazing garden ideas at home.

  • The first reason is typically the most obvious one, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables there will be no added preservatives or any harmful pesticides which can affect you and your loved one’s health negatively. Pesticides are obviously a very important factor when tending a garden, so we can always use organic pesticides which come from natural sources rather than harmful chemicals which are bad for the crops, the environment, the pests, and all of those who consume the crops. Some examples of the acute health problems caused by pesticides to humans include stinging eyes, rashes blisters, etc. Some examples of harm to the environment caused by pesticides include contamination of land and water which result in the killing of birds, insects, aquatic wildlife, plants, and many other living organisms.

  • Second garden ideas at home  is the crops you grow will be healthy for you as you will not be adding any harmful chemicals like the ones mentioned above. Think about it, store-bought grocery is made to be greater as it is sold according to weight and the vegetables can only grow so big, so they add steroids and chemicals to make them greater hence heavier. This proves that you’re practically paying stores to deteriorate your health because the long-term effects of these steroids can be lethal too. Steroids and chemicals like such are proven to cause heart diseases and diseases such as diabetes.
  • Moreover, the vegetables and food you grow will be much tastier. The edibles sold locally have added flavors, preservatives, chemicals that cause them to grow unnaturally and quickly. However, your product will have absolutely no chemicals or added flavors causing it to be more organic and natural which will automatically enhance the richness of the flavor in the edibles.

  • The most common types of pollution are land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. These types of pollution negatively affect our world every day, this brings me to my fourth point which is that farming is environment friendly. We owe it to this world we live in that we help preserve it for as long as we can since we pollute it knowingly and sometimes unknowingly on a daily basis. Home-based, small-scale farming is good for the environment since plants release oxygen and absorb CO2 commonly known as carbon dioxide. Also, since homegrown vegetables use fewer pesticides and harmful chemicals, the amount of contamination to the soil, air, and water along with the living organisms present in them is minimized.
  • The world is developing every single day and with new technology every day, human labor is being replaced by machines and robots which is making daily life easy for humans. Every day, we find ourselves on our laptops and our cell phones and the world is within the reach of touch. However, in the middle of all the chatting and going through memes we forget to spend time with family and get very little to no bonding time. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a good way of squeezing in bonding time with your loved ones and moments that will stick with you forever. Taking care of your little garden ideas can become a healthy and happy activity for the entire family.

  • Imagine a day when you’re late to work, and you couldn’t meet the deadline, and you go home very tired and stressed, sad about how unproductive your day was. Then you walk out in the garden and notice a small green leaf coming out from where you planted your carrots and immediately your day gets better because you see that all that hard work and energy you put into your garden is finally coming to life, and you were successful. The point is that tending a garden helps with stress, anxiety, and depression because it takes you away for a small amount of time when you are paying attention to your fruits and vegetables rather than stressing over assignments and deadlines and those few moments you take out for yourself help your mind so much that you become refreshed and get back to work with an optimistic and fresh mindset. So maing your own garden is another fabolous garden ideas at home.

  • The points mentioned above are some reasons you should start your own garden and grow your own vegetables and fruits.

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