Your next holiday table will be bursting with festivities, from magnificent statement blooms to inventive item displays! With these Christmas Centerpiece Ideas, you can spruce up your Christmas table decorations this year. Use these Christmas table decorations as inspiration for all of your holiday events this season.

Wonderland in the Winter

A neutral hue conjures a European vacation retreat while emphasising tactile materials. Low, dispersed flower arrangements in lime green and white are a modern take on a classic Christmas colour scheme.

Florals with a Statement

A bold flower arrangement at the dinner table is always a good choice and most followed Christmas Centerpiece Ideas.

Whimsical Woodland

If you choose a buffet display table, go all out with the decoration ideas. Deer or elk make for a unique and exciting display that may be used with a range of heights, foliage, and inventive artefacts.

Branchy and daring

Henrietta and Bridget of the Land Gardeners have expertly transformed the plain into a gorgeous statement piece with branchy blooms that’s ideal for the foyer or dining table.

Place setting in a farmhouse

With woven willow chargers and a basket filled with cotton and fir clippings, you can create a fresh yet beautiful appearance for your Christmas table. Finish with a gold figure and plain cream-colored earthenware in each location.

Twist of Citrus

A large display of oranges feels luxurious while remaining basic and uncomplicated. Oranges with their leaves still attached provide texture; depending on taste and availability, they might also be exchanged with pomegranates or other seasonal fruits.

Pink is a pretty colour.

Why not use pink and red for your Christmas theme instead of red and green? Traditional silver candlesticks with lace doilies and peppermint swirl tapers are festively fun, irreverent, and surprising.

Red and green are traditional colours.

Keith Robinson, the event planner, wanted to keep the attention on the freshly built barn, so he produced a simple centrepiece with traditional red flower arrangements and a boxwood garland. This basic table is a definitive gesture of restraint and refinement that demonstrates that you don’t always need to be ornate to make a statement.

Traditional with a Twist

Pink and fuchsia blooms without foliage are an instant eye-catcher and are wrapped with ribbon for a feminine touch. To make this Christmas Centerpiece Ideas arrangement, remove all of the leaves from the stems and pack as many flowers as you can to make a complete bouquet.

Handmade Accents

Andrea Zarraluqui’s hand-painted plates are complemented by Juan Pan de Soraluce’s exquisite porcelain partridges piled with a holly-filled garland. Festive handcrafted things like these add a fun touch to the dining table, but they can look elegant above the mantel or as an accent on a side table.

Ornaments Stacking

Playfully arrange decorations around the table, stack in bowls, and set carelessly in cups, like the namesake John Derian would. For early preparation, John Derian offers an assortment of bright decorations on his website all year.

Natural radiance

Bring the outside in with a few sprigs of winter greenery in your arrangements, as seen in Andrew Howard’s breakfast nook. This is ideal for a simple Christmas morning brunch.

Dramatic Glamour

Since the commencement of Christianity, pomegranates have been a favourite festival theme. While each culture has its unique mythology, they commonly represent good luck, wealth, and are a motif for celebration.

Branches of Berry

A bundle of red berry branches makes for a simple and attractive centrepiece and can fit in practically any type of vase, from polished silver to rustic earthenware, like this Farmhouse one.

Christmas table made of copper

This Christmas table is as cosy as it gets, with flickering lamps, bottle brush trees, and vintage green dinnerware. The motif is enhanced by the use of simple white chargers and eye-catching copper wine glasses.

Birds Sculpture

White paper partridge sculptures from Brett McCormack are blended with garland and pine cones to create the sense of an ice wonderland for Anglo-Dutch newlyweds Selina and Eduard van der Geest.

Garland that is Simple

A simple, unadorned evergreen garland provides texture while keeping the focus on your show-stopping dinnerware. It has a pleasant perfume and is simple to clean.

Florals that are tall

Vibrant red blossoms and a sprig of mistletoe hanging overhead invoke festive cheer while remaining true to the designer’s Swiss chalet aesthetic.

Colors that aren’t expected

In this Chiqui Woolworth supper, lime green hydrangea and orange blossoms replace a traditional red and green colour for a more whimsical, yet as beautiful, table.


Christmas antiques

This Miles Redd designed Greenwich CT home is packed with beautiful antiques, including a classic flower placed in an ancient tureen and surrounded by old world style silver drinking cups for Christmas dinner.

Pleasures of the Mind

A dish of cranberries and brass candlesticks go a long way toward transforming a classic Christmas table. Reed Smythe’s Kieth Meacham utilises a huge glass wine rinser as a vase filled with holly and magnolia leaves from the garden.

Geometric focal points

Silver-leaf geometric wood beads, then glue the gleaming ornaments to a wreath shape. This Christmas centerpiece ideas are complete with the addition of imitation pillar candles and a few greenery sprigs.


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