Bathroom interior design has alot of fctors to consider. Same is the case for bedroom interior design. If you’ve ever been in a chic boutique hotel, you can’t have missed the trend of tastefully inserting a tub into the bedroom. Whether it’s a sleek, sunken bath, a vintage roll-top, or a modern sculptural egg form, the merging of our bedrooms and bathrooms is unmistakably here to stay, as these 10 inspiring designs demonstrate.

Make a watertight platform.

A bath-in-bedroom layout is a signature feature of today’s finest boutique hotels, so why not try it at home? A huge, magnificent roll-top bath surrounded by candlelight and fluffy towels can’t go wrong. But don’t forget about the practicalities. By placing your tub on a raised wooden platform, you establish a distinct space and reduce the likelihood of destroying any carpet.

Use just neutrals.

A Scandi-inspired boudoir has a certain allure to it. Perhaps it’s the pale, silvery timbers or the uncomplicated outlines that make such a beautifully tranquil but liveable environment. Whatever the cause, a pebble-shaped bath tucked neatly into the corner of this lovely bedroom is the cherry on top. Besides this Bathroom interior design have some other option to consider in.

Make advantage of leftover space

In an open-plan bedroom, awkward nooks and unnecessary alcoves may be used to great effect. While en suites necessitate the installation of large doors, an all-in-one bath-in-bedroom requires just adequate plumbing and waterproof surfaces to create a stunning room-within-a-room.

Make certain that the space flows.

If feasible, keep an open-plan bedroom design and Bathroom interior design to a modest, limited colour palette to ensure the space flows smoothly from zone to zone. Earthy tones, white ceramics, and glass panels are all guaranteed methods to keep your bathing area from standing out like a sore thumb while while adding a touch of personality. These leather wall panels and sensuous ceiling curtains provide an unforgettable degree of opulence.

Your space should be zoned

Large, open-plan bedrooms and baths are certainly opulent, but a simple separating wall is an extremely efficient method to softly zone the multi-tasking area while keeping it airy and flowing. Contrasting floor textures, as well as the cream tiles in this bathroom area, discreetly accentuate this theme.

Experiment with new ideas.

What else could you want from your bedroom and bathroom interior design? In my opinion, a stylish four-poster bed and sculptural tub nestled into an empty alcove is bedroom bliss – especially when topped off with champagne on ice. Please pass the glasses.

It is done calmly.

This very quiet and orderly loft conversion screamed for a bathtub. It’s the ideal setting for lounging back in a bath full of bubbles, with a palette of whispery greys and natural light flowing through the roof windows. After a relaxing soak, the bed is ready for a good night’s sleep.

Lure out on vintage fashion

This bathroom is dripping with old-fashioned glitz. A sumptuous roll-top bath and a white four-poster covered in sheepskins and antique shawls are a winning combination for a romantic boudoir. Add in the full-length wooden shutters, crimson velvet tub chair, and washed-out backdrop, and you’ve got a look suitable for any Bollywood superstar in the making.

Set up a sliding wall.

We all need a bit more solitude when taking a bath from time to time. Install a sleek sliding door to cover and display your tub when needed to avoid a full-blown open-plan layout. This ingenious, discreet door glides back into the next wall, taking up no valuable space in the sleeping area.

Turn off the screen.

Okay, so this bathroom interior design is officially separated from the rest of the house by a series of clear glass panels. The invisible ‘wall of glass,’ on the other hand, is a clever design trick that tricks the eye into believing this is a single walk-through room. Meanwhile, the security of a permanent partition ensures that the water stays where it belongs!

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