How to Arrange Wall Art ? – Wall decoration items are perfect solution to your interior designing. Have you found the perfect piece of wall art but are stumped as, how to place it? Hanging the Canvas art will give an extra sparkle to your room in no time. So, use the following Wall Art Designs Tips and find the art decorating ideas suggested by professionals.

One of the simplest ways to decorate and customize your home is through wall art. Canvas art is versatile, inexpensive, and comes in various sizes. 

Keeping in mind the printing technology that has improved to the point where you can click a photo and place it on canvas seems a beautiful work of art. So, if you enjoy both wall paintings and photography and wish to have them on Canvas, you may do so right now!

However, hanging wall decoration items suchart on the wall is not as simple as hammering a nail into the wall. To hang it like a pro, you must follow some guidelines. Do not be concerned! I will give you some quick tips to make your room gleam in no time. Stay tuned! 

Wall Art Designs Tips

  • Keep The Dry Wall Surface For Your Canvas

In case you have drywall for your Canvas, you are in luck. Drywall is the simplest material to work with when hanging Canvas art. However, hanging directly on drywall will not give a secure anchor, instead look for a wall stud. If a strong stud is not accessible, then a drywall anchor should hang pictures. 

On the other hand, plaster walls are not an easy surface to work with because they crumble very easily. In addition, if your walls have bricks, however, you will need to utilize a wall anchor. So, in a nutshell, you can say that drywall is the best option to hang a Canvas often suggested by professional designers. 

  • Choose The Best Hanging Hardware

It is time to think about hanging your wall decoration items. Hanging hardware, such as string or D-rings and picture wire, are already attached to some Canvas art paintings and photography. If yours does not, you will have to make a hanger for it. For particular sizes of canvas, various approaches work well. 

The most frequent techniques for hanging a Canvas are nails and sawtooth brackets, eye hooks, and J-hooks. Professionals use the eye hooks out of all of the methods.  

They are simple to use and sturdy enough to handle a medium-sized canvas. Eye hooks also do not take up a lot of room on the wall. However, you can choose the hardware that will suit best with your wall, canvas painting, and photography art. 

  • Time To Give Best Position To The Canvas

Hanging artwork at eye level is a typical recommendation by professionals. This way, you will be able to observe the entire Canvas fully. This criterion, however, is not accurate because it may change based on who is installing the artwork. 

However, if you desire a professional job, you must be specific in your decision. All you have to do is measure the canvas to determine its center. Furthermore, measure 57 inches from the floor up and compare it to the painting’s center once you’ve done that.

Also, make sure that the piece of art is not more comprehensive than the furniture. According to some experts, the canvas should be about 75% of the width of the furniture.

  • Hang The Canvas, Make Sure It Is Straight

You can now hang your Canvas on the wall. Once you adjust everything on the wall, use a level one more time to make sure everything is perfect. Also, make sure your Canvas is straight and in its exact position. 

  • Keep Proper Spacing Between Canvases

If you will hang many Canvases, make sure you leave enough space between them. You should leave around 2 – 5″ between multiple framed or unframed canvases. Again, aesthetic balance is the goal, so spacing should be proportional to the available wall space and the number of Canvas prints you are hanging.


Wrapping It Up!

It is essential to hang your canvas art correctly. You can do it in various ways, but knowing the professional way shows your passion and love for art. You should think about how to display the artwork and what kind of frame you need. 

Before determining which technique to use, consider whether or not there is a lot of light shining on the piece. These wall decoration items tips will help you get your new work of art up on the wall where you want it without too much trouble! 

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