Hey there! Are you looking for the best interior designer in Indore?! Then I guess you are in the right place! Because I have the top 12 interior designers in Indore who can transform your living space into a heavenly one! I’m sure you must have been confused about which one of teh interior designers to opt for. Well, read the article till the end to find out your desired interior designer in Indore!

Exploring the Best Interior Designer in Indore

1. Atelier Earth

The top-most interior designer in Indore is Atelier Earth, located near Bangali Square, Indore. Whatever ideas you have, this interior design firm can make your dream into reality with its exceptional skill and creative designs! Gourish is the director of this company and has done his Masters in Design Architecture from the University of Florida, one of the most reputed universities in the world!

If you want a luxurious interior design for your house, then the right person Atelier Earth is the right choice. They create designs blending the elements of the past and modern trends in order to make the designs unique and more attractive! Moreover, there are about 200 designs that they have created benefiting a lot of customers.

2. Deepak and Kavita Design Studio

This is the best interior designer in Indore who can make better innovative designs for your living spaces. Deepak and Kavita Design Studio was established in the year 2010, and have been providing services for about 14 years. The best part about the company is that they have a collaborative approach towards the customers to make perfectly customized designs for them.

They have a diverse portfolio that includes residential, commercial, corporate offices, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Moreover, this interior design firm also offers consultation services for clients to make the desired interior design for their living spaces.

3. Sanrachna Creations

One thing that I love about the Sanrachna Creations is that they have a different approach towards designing spaces. They not only make sure that the design is attractive and loved by the customers but also ensure that the design is eco-friendly. The firm provides comprehensive design services, overseeing projects from conception to execution.

There are a lot of positive reviews left by customers which makes it the best interior designer in Indore. I’m sure, you will find the designs of this company are both practical and inspirational. So, why not choose the interior designer and make your living space a heavenly one?!

4. Shaily Interiors

I love the quote that is displayed on the official website of the interior design company, Shaily Interiors. It says “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” Of course, design is something that is evaluated by looking at how it works on a specific interior space. And the Shaily Interiors apply this slogan on every project that they work on.

You can also get free consultations on interior design at their office. This gives an idea of how to choose the best design and teh colors that would make the living space look great! When it comes to experience, well, they have completed over 100 projects in and around Indore!

5. Kalakriti Interiors

Kalakriti Interiors is a famous interior designer not only in Indore but also in other important cities across the country! You can see them in Delhi/NCR working being so popular as they provide quality interior design services. This interior design was established in the year 2009 and for more than 15 years, they have been doing wonders in the field of interior design!

The 2D and 3D designs they make give us a better idea of how to choose the best design for our living spaces. If you are more concerned about the vastu shastra, don’t worry, they make sure that the design is created considering all your inputs. The team also offers various Vastu Shastra consultations as well!

6. Aarambh Design Studio

Do you know what the word “Aarambh” means? It means the catalyst. That is, they are the person who can be the catalyst for making your living space into a desired luxury interiors! This interior design company was established by Mayur and Palk in the year 2016 who are well-experienced designers with great skills.
Unique designs in the projects are the ones that have made Aarambh Design Studio the most prominent interior designer in Indore. When I say unique, they blend modern design with ancient Indian aesthetics. I’m sure you would have never seen such beautiful designs.

7. Rainbow Designer & Associates

Rainbow Designer & Associates is one of the oldest interior designers in Indore which was established in the year 1996 by Mr. Vikrant Bhawsar and Mrs. Sapna Bhawsar. They are well-known designers who have done various residential and commercial projects like houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

One of the reasons that make them one of the most prominent interior designers in Indore is The Luminaries award that they received for excellent interior design services. So, I’m sure they can make your living spaces a better place with their exceptional designs!

8. The Creative Escapes

If you are a person wishing to have a minimal interior design for your living space, then I would suggest The Creative Escapes in Indore. They believe in the principle “Less is More” and aim to transform spaces rather than just renovate them. One of the best features of them is that they give more importance to the designs that inspire and motivate people.

They offer a range of services including interior design, civil construction, custom-made furniture, and landscaping or virtual green spaces. With an excellent eye for detail, the firm’s expertise in design and valuable trade sources aim to provide the very best interior design firm for your space.

9. Arham Architects Atelier

Arham Architects Atelier is one of the top 10 interior designers in Indore which was established in the year 2017. It’s been only 7 years, yet the firm has become prominent and one of the popular choices of people seeking interior design services. They have a unique design philosophy. i.e., they blend the Nagara and Dravidian styles of architecture to enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

The firm offers 3D rendering and various other interior design services like architectural design, house plans, etc. They ensure that the design provides a feel of luxuriousness and maximum comfort. So, I guess for people who seek a unique Dravidian style, the Arham Architects Atelier will give you the expected design!

10. Struc-Terior

Isn’t the name Struc-Terior cool?! I not only love the name but also the designs that they offer for living spaces. The motto of this interior design firm is to create luxury and comfortable living spaces for people. This motto is set by the principal designers namely ID Kajal Keswani and Er. Gopal Keswani who has several years of experience in this field.

Struc-Terior also has been renowned as one of the top 25 interior designers in Indore due to their exceptional work. The most prominent work is in Grand Exotica, Indore which has attracted a lot of customers to their service!

11. OCA India

I bet this is the best interior designer in Indore who gives the most hospitality to its clients. Do you know what is their principle? It says “Client is God”! If you wish to have the best luxury interior for your living space, then OCA India is the right choice for you. To give the most luxury designs, the firm imports materials from various countries like Italy, China, and Turkey.

Since 2008, the firm has been doing wonders by providing high-quality interior design services to its clients. I also love their quote “Every building tells a story”! When they design your interiors, you will stand out from the other normal houses!

12. Livspace

I’m sure you must have heard about the Livspace Interior designers who are present in almost every city across India. Indore also has one who can transform your interior spaces into a heavenly one.  This interior design firm has received the ‘Innovative Start-up of the Year’ for its unique and innovative designs.

The Global Awards Magazine has recognized this company as the  ‘Best Interior Design Solutions Brand’ due to its vast expansion in the country. Moreover, they are also prominent in other countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.